It is our mission to assist you in achieving maximum scientific success. We offer various services to support, optimize and standardize your cell culture and molecular biology research:

Conception of experiments
We support you in planning your experiments, this includes: the selection of materials, the design of protocols, the determination of sample groups and replicates, and whatever is necessary to reach the maximal yield.

Planning and organizing life science laboratories
If you are planning to setup a new life science laboratory, many aspects need to be considered: accommodation of different working areas, selection of suitable surface and building materials, choice of appropriate equipment and many more. We can support you in creating an ideal laboratory environment tailored to your needs.

Training in Good Cell Culture Practice (GCCP) and in cell culture and molecular biology procedures
Maintenance of high standards is essential for the maximization of reproducibility, reliability, credibility, acceptance and proper application of any scientific results produced. A standardization of laboratory practices is essential. GCCP aims to foster quality control systems, safety procedures, recording and reporting, in compliance with laws, regulations and ethical principles. We can help you introduce high working standards in your laboratory and support you with coaching in general procedures. We offer basic introductions to get you started properly, which will save you time and money.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the cause of a general problem, especially, if you are really involved in the daily routine. As an objective and attentive observer we can help you in troubleshooting issues in cell cultures, molecular biology and biochemistry.

Technical support for conduction of experiments
Our service does not end with the realization. If you feel uncomfortable conducting your elaborate and expensive experiments alone, we offer practical support, ensuring that everything works smoothly and keeping an eye on the overall organization of processes.

Advice in experimental analysis and experimental analysis services
We have great experience in analysis and interpretation of results, recognizing correlations and drawing accurate conclusions. Take advantage of our knowledge and let us help you interpret your data the right way.

As scientists with years of experience in research and management in various laboratory environments we have extensive knowledge which allows us to support you to make your work better, easier and faster. Get the most out of your research!